Come Running With Us Episode 1

Look who's back! I'm very excited to be launching a new podcast series, with my friend Steve Layton, called Come Running With Us.

The premise is that we go for a run, and talk about running news and nonsense. Sometimes we'll have a guest, sometimes it'll be a race, and other times (like this week) it'll just be a fun run in the trails. Please excuse the audio quality, we're going to be learning as we go and trying to make improvements. But hey, running doesn't always sound pretty, does it.

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So, lace up and come running with us! This week we talk about Boston cheaters, Philadelphia's deadly marathon, fancy new sports watches and way more.

Here's this week's route:

Episode 41: Bart Yasso of Runner's World

Wow! I got to chat with Bart Yasso, CRO of Runner's World and the creator of the Yasso 800s, among many other incredible credits. We talk about what makes a race special, why South Africa's Comrades Marathon is the greatest footrace in the world, and the story behind the Yasso 800s. Enjoy!

Episode 39: Lanni Marchant

I had the pleasure of braving a snow storm for 10k with Canadian marathon and half-marathon record holder, Lanni Marchant this week! We chat about her training, spending time in Kenya and the shock of becoming an overnight running superstar. Enjoy!


Lanni's Blog
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Big thanks to Black Toe Running for being our home base and such a huge supporter of Toronto's running community.

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Episode 36: Canadian Marathon Champ Rejean Chiasson

We're back! Welcome to the first episode of the reborn Distance Obsessed. I'm taking the show to the streets, and recording on location at events, races and more. This week's episode is with Rejean Chiasson, 2011 Canadian Marathon Champion (2:17 finish at Ottawa Marathon). We went for a 10k run along Toronto's lake shore paths, and had a great chat about training, coaching, nutrition and much more. Enjoy!

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Episode 34: Gary Robbins (aka The Lost Episode)

Our apologies, but this week's episode had some technical difficulties. We weren't able to salvage the audio. We had Gary Robbins on the show and he holds the Fastest Known Time records for both the Canadian East Coast Trail (215km) and West Coast Trail (75km), as well as numerous wins at major ultras around the world. We chatted about training, his favourite races and more. Please check out Gary at the links below. He's an incredible runner and such a nice guy too! Thank you Gary for your time, and again our apologies that the audio didn't turn out.


Gary Robbins

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Episode 33: Black Toe Running Inc.

This week Corey and Alex catch up on our past race season and plans for next year. Then Alex goes onsite to Black Toe Running Inc., Toronto's newest running specialty store to chat with the founders and staff.


Black Toe Running Inc.

Black Toe Running Inc. also offers coaching, group runs and more. Led by Rajean Chaisson, Canadian marathon champ of 2012, their coaching will suit all levels and needs. Contact them for more info.

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